Workshop Details

Workshop Details

In a Cherry Hood workshop students work from a photograph of a face to produce a fabulous artwork in her style.

Cherry helps each student with their individual needs and demonstrates exactly how she makes a painting from scratch.

What to Expect

Cherry demonstrates her technique of making a large scale watercolour painting. This is not a portrait painting workshop. It’s about making the most out of the amazing features and effects of the medium of watercolour paint. Cherry shows students how she scales the image up for her very large works.

Each day of the workshop, Cherry demonstrates exactly how she makes a painting from scratch; the first day from a photo of a directly front on face, the second day from a face which is turned slightly to the side.

Cherry shares her simple scaling up technique which in allows artists to overcome the foreshortening and distortion which can occur in larger paintings. Scaling has been used by artists for many centuries, but the famous artist Chuck Close is a great example of a contemporary artist who uses scaling to make his huge paintings of the human face.

Cherry’s scaling technique enables painters to get the exact proportions of a face and position the features. This shortcut to drafting the face allows students much more time to enjoy learning Cherry’s very loose painting style with the beautiful medium of watercolour. Students are not overburdened with ‘drawing’ or copying the image of the face onto the paper. Students who use projectors are welcome to bring images which are already drafted onto their watercolour paper. Cherry has recently introduced the use of a projector in her course for students to learn and use this method to draft their images.

Cherry has dozens of images available for students to use, or students are welcome to bring their own.

Cherry assists each participant with their individual needs encouraging them to make an amazing painting rather than a copy of a face. To make a very good painting is a better goal than to make a true likeness. Students of all levels usually achieve at least one very good painting by the second day of the workshop.

Cherry inspires students to really go for it with large brushes and very watery paint. Loose painting, pouring wash from containers and moving the paint around without the use of a brush, even hands are used sometimes, the aim is a great painting rather than a likeness! This is not a portrait painting workshop – it’s a workshop aimed at pushing students to make a fantastic painting like nothing they have ever done before.

Cherry wants each workshop participant to grow in experience and encourages them to do all kinds of other workshops and take on many techniques, so they have choices when they decide what it is they really want to do.

Workshop FAQ

Class size
Only 6 or 7 students maximum can attend the course. Parents or partners who share a room or bed can also stay for $180 for 2 nights.
Crystal Hill is in Towrang which is on the Sydney side of Goulburn NSW and only 2 hours from Sydney CBD.

Participants will automatically be booked in for their accommodation. No need to book separately on Stayz / HomeAway.
The homestead and apartment are blocked out specifically for students for the workshop weekend.
Please make sure to advise us if you do not require accommodation.


Each student has their own bedroom with a queen size bed.
All bed linen and towels are provided.
Parents or partners who share a room or bed can also stay for $180 for 2 nights.

Meals, drinks & snacks
All meals, snacks and non- alcoholic beverages are provided.
Coffee, tea and snacks are available at all times.
You are welcome to bring wine or drinks of choice.
Arrival & departure

Participants may arrive on Friday afternoon from 2.30pm, and settle in, unpack and meet everyone. Dinner is at 7pm
You can also stay on Sunday night if it suites your travel plans, for an extra $95.

Groups & individuals

Groups of 3 to 6 people can apply for an exclusive workshop, and individuals may apply for a private workshop.


The cost of two day workshop is $760 per person.
Just $570 for the workshop for locals who do not require accommodation, and $190 for two nights accommodation for travellers.

Payment can be made via Direct Debit, PayPal, Credit Card and Apple Pay.
Contact Cherry Hood to book.
50% deposit is required to confirm your booking.