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  • The 36 page workbook which is the companion to the set of 5 videos which both illustrate and explain a unique method of scaling and measuring from a photo of a face. The technique facilitates both a very good likeness and an enlarged draft of the photo.
  • A set of 5 videos which go with the Workbook. You can purchase these videos individually, but buying the set is cheaper and gives complete instructions to drafting a face ready for painting .
  • A one hour video which shows painting the face after it is drafted.
  • A two hour video which shows and explains painting a face after it has been drafted.

PLEASE NOTE: All videos are an online product. Your emailed receipt will include details of how to access these videos, so please make sure to look out for this email to arrive.

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Cherry Hood

Cherry Hood is an Australian artist well known for her haunting, large-scale images of faces. Working for preference in watercolour, which she allows to flow, bleed and drip, Cherry specialises in intense depictions of mostly anonymous subjects.

Cherry Hood’s works are in leading state, institutional, private and corporate collections around Australia and in public and private collections around the world.